Navigational Labels of Yahoo! 7

In this post, I will analysis the navigational labels of Yahoo! 7. At first, let’s see what Google looks like, here is a screenshot:

URL Link:

So, I make this table and list out all the navigational labels and analysis them:

Navigational Labels Table

Navigational Labels Table

a) What labels you did not like and why, and suggests improvements.
The label is the Travel label: Before I go to the link page I through it is a page that Yahoo! 7 to display some information about travel and tours. Yet, it actually a ‘partner site’ with Yahoo! 7, called Totaltravel. Unlike other partner sites, Totaltravel does not clearly show anything that they relate with Yahoo! 7 in the heading (there is just a small navigational labels bar from Yahoo! 7 shows these two site are related).

b) Whether there were any inconsistencies in the labelling system between the pages (in terms of style, presentation, syntax, granularity, comprehensiveness and audience).
The inconsistency in the levelling system between the pages is also the Travel label. As from section A, before I go to the link page I through it is a page that Yahoo! 7 to display some information about travel and tours and also, the Totaltravel looks very different with Yahoo! 7. Indeed, there is a eBay label links to eBay site, but unlike eBay, Totaltravel is not that famous, and the label is not ‘Totaltravel’ either (eBay have just ‘eBay’ as its label).

c) Examine at least two other similar or competing web sites. How similar are the labelling systems? Is anyone site clearly the winner (and if so, why)?
The two sites I choose are ninemsn (URL: and (URL: These three sites have very similar of the labelling systems, not only the structure; even some of the labels names are very similar. I believe the is the winner of the labelling system. site’s labels not only have sub-labels like the other two site, it also shows some important information title with the brief introduction (for example: big breaking news).



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