Information Architect

Information Architects

Information Architects

Information Architect is a job titles which often been misunderstood. Are they the designer, Developer or manager? Most people cannot accurately understand the role played by Information Architects in the website development. In this post, I will have a brief introduction of the Information Architect, and also included interpretation of the importance of Information Architect in website development.

First, we need to understand Information Architecture. Information Architecture refers to the large websites or software system, using a series of related analytical, organizational and design methods, make a structure form that as “fast” in an interrelated way to find the information users need and “accurate” shows those information.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Therefore, an accurate description of the Information Architecture is:
 Information architecture is especially present in the website or software systems and other information systems;
 Information Architecture wills not the leave the information scattered like a junk pile, but through the organization, association organized storage and presentation;
 Information Architecture is user-oriented, designed according to the needs of different users to find information. And also to classificatory the information, establish the relationship and set them in different tags; as fast as possible to quickly put out the information that users need and display to users;
 Information Architecture is analysis and combing a large amount of scattered information and structured storage and display in the system/database, so it is easy to find information when users need.

Therefore, the Information Architect is not only designers, developer or project manager. They also need to design information architecture, to ensure the comprehensiveness, usability, relevance of the information and also can query performance. They need to get advice from many different departments to improve their work. Generally, they start as a designer, or work together with designers and also it may require them grasp the website design skill if it is necessary. Information Architects must need to cooperate with all the other departments, to establish and maintain a ‘consistent vision’ of the final website

This is a brief introduction of Information Architect in my personal opinion. please leaves a comments if you have any thoughts.

Have a good day!


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