Web 3.0: Are You Ready?

Web 3.0 actually is a concept word manufactured by the IT personnel. The most common explanation I find is that information within the site can directly interact through with other related information site; through the third-party information platform, a number of website can incorporate the use of the information at the same time.

In Web 3.0, I think there is very limited different of internet (online) and real world. People can be contacted through the Web 3.0 and freely establish personalized content. Cross-platform operation will make Web 3.0 become ubiquitous (Web 2.0 is more computer-based). E-commerce will be more use and expansion, people can use online platform for labor or the transaction to obtain wealth.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0

The meaning of ‘the Internet of things’ is the client can be connected and use via the Internet. This will fundamentally change people’s lives, coupled with Web3.0 efficient, personal and real-name system. Internet will become the most commonly used and most efficient tools for the future people. (About the ‘things’ in ‘the internet of things’: this ‘things’ must meet certain conditions in order to be a client, such as: CPU, storage function, transfer function, operating system and etc.)

the Internet of things

the Internet of things

In my opinion, there will be a blurring of what humanity is when data becomes machine understandable and the world is full of completely pervasive computer/sensor devices that collect data on just about every characteristic of the physical environment.

When Web 3.0 fully used, people will be more and more dependent on the Internet. This causes the concepts of ‘virtual Internet’ and the ‘real-world’ will become more blurred. Perhaps the network is no longer a ‘virtual’, and become a part of the real world in the future. However, people who live in this reality world will always be the Internet users, rather than machines or data, which does not means that the real world will depend only on the Internet in Web 3.0’s time and the Internet cannot be fully integrated into the real world.

Human and Internet

Human and Internet


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